Vision for the WTCA

The WTCA has achieved global recognition through its leadership in international relations and trade, strategic alliances, promotion of economic development and technology leading to increased peace and stability throughout the world. The WTCA sets a first-class standard of operational excellence. It is innovative and proactive in the Association and the World Trade Center concept.

Vision for the World Trade Centers

Successful World Trade Centers operate in every economic region, with support and encouragement of the World Trade Centers Association. World Trade Centers form an unmatched network that operates around the world with universal reciprocity. As a result of the quality of WTC facilities and services, the World Trade Center brand is respected and valued around the globe.

WTCA long-range goals 2009-2013

Long-range goals are the pillars of WTCA´s strategic planning effort defining, in broad terms, the priorities that we must achieve to fulfill our mission and attain our vision. Because the goals have a long time horizon, they provide structure and stability to the plan. WTCA has set out five broad ambitious goals for the next five years, which build upon the progress made under previous strategic plans.
Our goals are synergistic, so that our efforts in pursuit of each individual goal support our progress toward the other goals we have set for the organization.

Goal I:
To enhance the positive image of the World Trade Centers Association and its members around the world.

Goal II:
To increase the number and effectiveness and enhance the value of World Trade Centers in providing quality facilities, innovative services and reciprocity.

Goal III:
To develop innovative, measurable programs and services for international trade that address member needs and add value to WTCA membership.

Goal IV:
To build on current fiscal strength and develop new revenue streams that will assure adequate resources to support WTCA´s work on behalf of its members.

Goal V:
To promote peace and stability around the world.

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