Views from WTC

WTC Tallinn is located on the center of Tallinn City area. Everything you and your customers need for doing business in this area is right there: banks, best shopping centers, infrastructure. WTCT quarter is also surrounded by the areas of high milieu value.

The upper floor of WTCT will be reserved for the luxury apartments.

At the moment the space allocation is quite flexible. The apartments can be with different size and with different purpose. For example, they can be connected to the business area but they can also be independent. It is possible to create an hotel by using all the residential space available, too. The current solution sees relatively large (ca 200 m²) apartments that have their own little courtyard. The inner courtyard will enable access to the sunlight for the apartments that have north facing facade.

Building an exclusive office space instead of apartments is also feasible in a simple and cost effective way.

The best part of course is that the view to everything mentioned unfolds from the windows of WTCT luxury apartments.

Would you like to own an apartment or rent an office space with such a view to Tallinn? Contact WTC Tallinn.


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