Energy Services

Energy Services

One of the competitive advantages of WTC Tallinn LLC’s business real estate is its well developed energy system that provides consumers with supply security and high quality.

The company operates as a provider of electricity and heat energy in a service area between the streets of Jõe, Ahtri and Narva Road, approved by Estonian Competition Authority. It has operating licenses for providing electricity services, production of electricity and heat, and the licenses for selling these services (

WTC Tallinn LLC owns the networks of electricity and district heating and the co-generation plant of electricity and heat, making thus possible an effective management of the area of these networks and an efficient energy co-generation process.

Modern equipment and continuous development of the networks allows WTC Tallinn LLC to offer its tenants and partners high quality energy services with low pricing.

According to the established detail planning it is planned to utilize recent innovative solutions of producing electricity and heat energy. At the present moment, the development plan of the district heating services of WTC Tallinn LLC is under preparation.

It is a future goal to abandon the use of non-renewable fossil energy sources entirely and to request the LEED Platinum, energy efficient building certificate, for the buildings to be constructed according to the detail planning.

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