Robotics Lab

Robotics Lab

Robotics is one of the most important future competencies, being for future jobs as important as the ability of read and write. Therefore the WTC Tallinn Robotics Lab is the best and most convenient way for introducing the robotics to your employees and their children. WTC Tallinn offers for the organizations a possibility of renting the Robotics Lab that includes 5 different robotics platform and a helpful instructor. The Bluebot, Ozobot EVO, Edison V2.0, LEGO WeDo 2.0, and LEGO EV3 robotics platforms ensure that a suitable robot can be found for anyone in age group from 3 to 16 (99) years old.

In roomy Robotics Lab there are only 10 desks and plenty of floor space. This will make it possible for the instructor to give individual guidance and everyone can freely move around with or follow his/her robotic friend. During the workshop the working principles of robots are explained and basic programming is playfully taught. For the programming the iPad tablets are used. More experienced students may work independently, using different robots. The instructor will ensure that necessary guidance is given when there is need for it.

One desk is meant for up to 2 adults or for one adult with 1-3 children. For each desk there are 5 different robots that are meant for different age levels: Bluebot for 3-6 y, Ozobot and Edison for 6-9 y, LEGO WeDo for 6-11 y, and LEGO EV3 for 7-16 y.

Each event or series of events will be arranged according to the number of participants, their previous experience, and the purpose of the event.


2 h event in robotics lab for up to 20 persons: 500 + VAT

2h robotics event for up to 20 persons in Estonia: 1000 + VAT

1h virtual reality event for up to 4 persons: 100 + VAT

Please note! During the same office hours also the Virtual Reality Lab with different games is opened. Read more about the Virtual Reality Lab here.